An exercise in moral reasoning


1. The action that I chose for this exercise is Suicide. I consider this action to be neutral. I base this claim from my own reasoning and from information that I’ve read or heard from other people. It isn’t exactly right, since the person that commits suicide does die, and the repercussions of suicide will also affect the loved ones of the person who committed it. However, I believe that suicide is not wrong, since based on what I’ve read in the past, most people who commit suicide suffer from depression, and depression is a medically recognized, diagnosable psychological illness, so, if we condemn people who commit suicide due to depression, then using the same moral reasoning, we should also condemn people who pass away because of cancer, or some other fatal disease. But we don’t, since it’s not really their fault, their death is caused by their condition. Because of this, I don’t believe that suicide is wrong, but it also isn’t right.

Acts are considered sinful if it causes serious harm, has adequate knowledge, and adequate freedom. Using this criteria, people who commit suicide due to depression aren’t committing sin, since I believe that the do not have adequate freedom since they can’t really help it or control themselves. However, people who commit suicide just for the heck of it, or because of some crazy reason like a ritual or something are, in my opinion, committing a sin.

Based on my answers here, I am a moral rationalist, since I believe that we  should look at both the act of suicide itself, and the context of why this certain person committed suicide to determine whether or not it was morally right or wrong.


First of all, why do you want to commit suicide? I think that you should first think about what your intentions are and what you hope to achieve by committing suicide. If it is to avoid pain, or to run away from your problems, then I think that you should reconsider your decision to do this.There are people whom you can approach to ask for help or counseling. I don’t really know why you’re considering suicide, and to you it may seem like it makes sense to kill yourself, but I hope that you’d think about it more, and consider both your feelings, and your reason before you make a decision. I can’t force you to not commit suicide, but just by asking me for advice shows that you’re still unsure whether this is the right decision or not, and when you’re uncertain about things like these, especially since it concerns your life, then I think that it’s better to assume that it is wrong to commit suicide, and just wait it out and see what happens. I hope that you make the best decision, and remember that it is normal to be confused about these kinds of things. Good bye!





I love genetically modified food (GMF). I believe that everyone should have a GMF eating habit. GMFs not only give more nutrition and will allow food to feed more people. but are also better tasting.


We’re not cavemen, we should be able to control and manipulate our food. Our distant ancestors used to hunt for food, and then we learned to cultivate it and started to plant our own food, and genetically modifying it will just be the next step.


Look how cool they are:





What are you waiting for? Taste the future, taste GMO.

Last Friday, we cooked some KROPEK in our chemistry class. We used different kinds of oil to cook the kropek in order to see what difference it would make. Here are the results:

Different oils have no effect on the taste of the kropek. I don’t know why, but for me, everything tasted the same. The slight difference in texture and hardness was probably caused by the brand of kropek used and the amount of time it was left there to cook. So…. yeah, I don’t think different oils will have different tastes for kropek. Although I do like the group that used coconut oil to cook their kropek the best, because it was my group.

CLE Module 3

Hello World!

The world today ha a lot of problems concerning food. One of them is the spoiling and decay of good food. Everyday, there are millions of pounds of food that are left uneaten and spoiled. However, through the power of chemistry, I believe that we can manufacture food that will last longer, and will be able to withstand the forces of nature so that it won’t spoil, and can still be eaten.

Another problem we have is obesity, which is very widespread and rampant in a lot of first-world countries. Because of eating too much and too unhealthily, a lot of people’s lives are getting destroyed. Through chemistry, we can make food that is not only healthy, but also good-tasting and addictive, so that people will eat healthy food instead of unhealthy food!!


Right now, our lesson in Chemistry is all about food! Food is really great, and I believe that without food, we’ll all die.

i saw a bunch of websites that showcased really weird food all over the world like Codfish sperm, White ant egg and Silkworm Larvae.

I guess these websites call these kinds of food weird mostly because it’s different from what is normally eaten in western countries. There, they usually eat food made up of cows, pigs, chickens and fish, but in Asia, they are a lot more creative and adventurous.

In my opinion, food is anything that you can put in your mouth and eat, as long as you can chew it and swallow it, i think you can call it food.

My top five weirdest food that I’ve eaten would be fried crickets, fried tarantulas, balut, taho, dirty ice cream.

Thoughts on the VC with St. Joseph’s School

What Went Well:

Since we already knew what to expect, I think that this VC went a lot more smoothly than previous VCs. People were all ready and willing to say something to the students from Lebanon, and were able to have a flowing and fruitful discussion. During the VC, we learned that we actually had a lot of things in common, especially in our Christian traditions and activities. This helped a lot in taking away the stereotypes that previously existed, and paved way for us to truly learn things about each other that can’t be simply searched online or read somewhere.Finally, I thought that everyone was very polite and carefully chose their words in order to avoid offending or perhaps sending the wrong message to others.

What Could Have Been Better:

During the VC, I had a hard time understanding some of the answers of the St. Josheph’s students, partly because of technological limitations, but mostly because of their accent. When interacting with people from all over the world, it is natural to encounter foreign accents, so hopefully I will get used to these accents and be more perceptive for them. Also, I felt that our discussion was very focused on our similarities ,and we didn’t touch on our differences that much, and which is disappointing, but can serve as a reminder for future VCs.